Amicable Divorce in NYC

At Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC, we offer a unique divorce mediation service that provides you with both a Social Worker and an Attorney who can help you to avoid the challenges that usually accompany divorce procedures. Our services are available throughout NY, NJ, and CT. including Long Island and Manhattan.

With our services, you can avoid the hassle and stress that are inherent in most divorce cases. Long and extensive divorce proceedings are financially and emotionally draining. If you are looking for an alternative that is more affordable and much faster than a traditional divorce, our Divorce Mediation service is just the right solution for you.

How It Works

In an average of 8 to 10 sessions, you will have the opportunity to come to a workable compromise that benefits everyone involved. As your Attorney and Social Worker, we will provide expert guidance and support to facilitate a successful divorce mediation outcome. Win-Win Divorce Solutions will help you every step of the way until a peaceful and satisfying resolution is reached.

Our Service Offers The Following Benefits

  1. Guidance and assistance to ensure an amicable and agreeable divorce settlement.
  2. An easier and more streamlined method of settling financial matters without disputes.
  3. Enhanced focus on the well being of the children with an approved parenting plan.
  4. Increased focus on planning ahead for the future to best meet your personal goals.
  5. A mutually beneficial familial settlement arrangement.

No Advanced Fees Required

By opting to work with a divorce mediator, you not only avoid the hassle of a drawn out divorce, you also save significantly. With Win-Win Divorce Solutions, our clients pay only a fraction of the cost of a traditional divorce in the Family Court System. There are no advanced fees required or any retainers needed. As a more affordable, convenient, and simplified alternative, our service is one of the most ideal solutions available

At Win-Win Divorce Solutions, our unique collaborative co-mediation is one of the only services available in NYC that offers a superb co-mediation team of Social Worker and Attorney to guide you through every step of the complex legal and emotionally challenging process. We want you to have a successful outcome and we are truly committed to ensuring your experience with us is nothing short of outstanding.

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