Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC – 3 Benefits to Settling a Divorce with Mediation

Getting a divorce is a long, arduous process. Why not make it a bit easier by settling the divorce with mediation instead of going to court? By utilizing divorce mediators Long Island offers, you and your ex will save a lot of time and money. The mediation process also creates grounds for a peaceful, solution-oriented settlement. Here are three benefits to settling a divorce with mediation.

Saves Time

The first big benefit of settling a divorce through mediation is the efficiency of the process. Between visiting with lawyers and court dates, litigation can drag out for months. Mediation, on the other hand, is typically done in only 6-8 visits. Mediation is also very flexible. Spouses can decide on meeting times that work best for them. While it is best to attend once a week, mediation makes it possible to work around schedule conflicts for things like business trips or work meetings.

Saves Money

Not only does mediation save people time, but it also saves money. In New York City, the average hourly rate for a lawyer can be up to $600! The average hourly rate for mediation is much lower at $350 per hour. The whole process of settling a divorce in the court can cost up to a whopping $75,000. With mediation, the total cost typically hovers between $5,000 and $8,500. Divorce is hard enough; it’s not worth it to pay thousands and thousands of dollars and potentially go into debt over litigation when mediation can be done at a much more reasonable cost.

Focuses on Win-Win Outcomes

Another benefit of settling a divorce through mediation is the focus on win-win outcomes. Mediation is very solution-based and works to find appropriate compromises for both spouses. When settling a divorce in court, a lot of times it is focused on the past and airing dirty laundry. Sometimes embarrassing moments and private stories will come to the surface. Mediation is private. Anything that is said stays between the spouses and the mediator. It also never focuses on the past. With mediation, the main goal is to help the spouses find compromises as they settle and start to focus on their future.

As a rule of thumb, finding divorce mediators NYC offers will help make the divorce process run much more smoothly. Not only do you save time and money, but the whole process is focused on solutions that won’t make someone feel as if they are losing.  Start the divorce process off on the right foot and pick mediation as your method of settlement. Contact our Long Island office Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC today to learn more about the benefits of mediation.

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