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3 Emotions You May Feel During Divorce

3 Emotions You May Feel During Divorce

Going through a divorce brings up a wide range of emotions. Some days you may feel lost, sad, and lonely, while other days you might feel more uplifted and hopeful. The negative emotions can be hard to deal with, but you can always get help! Talk to a trusted friend or family member or go see a therapist. You can also talk through the struggles with some of the divorce mediators Long Island offers, such as Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC. Remember, you are not alone. Here are three common emotions that people going through a divorce may feel.


The first emotion is sadness. It is extremely normal to feel sad during and after a divorce. After all, you were married to this person and were at some point happy with them. When sadness strikes, try to find something to do that makes you happy. This could be spending time with the kids or a pet, reading a book, watching TV, or going out to dinner with friends. Create a list of activities that you can do when you are feeling down so that you have something to reference the next time you are sad.


Anger is another common emotion associated with divorce. This is especially common in couples who have argued a lot in the past and who are having trouble settling their divorce. The anger might be directed toward the spouse or the divorce process in general. It could also be related to a specific topic, such as child custody or dividing assets. It could simply be that you are angry that your marriage has come to an end and that you must start a new chapter in your life. As tough as it may be, try to let the anger go. Anger is a very difficult emotion to hold on to and will make you even more miserable in the long run. Try meditating, taking a warm bath, or snuggling with a pet next time the anger strikes.


A third common emotion felt during the divorce process is guilt. This is especially true of parents with children. The guilt can be related to factors such as separating the family or forcing the kids to travel between two houses. No matter how smoothly a divorce settlement goes, it is a complete upheaval of a child’s life. While guilt is a normal reaction, know that in the long run, the divorce is best for the kids.

The divorce process is a difficult time full of emotions. Make the settlement as easy as possible by working with divorce mediators on Long Island, such as Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC.  Mediation works to calm emotions by setting couples on the path of compromise. Remember, feelings such as sadness, anger, and guilt are completely normal. Work through these feelings with your mediator, friends, family, or a therapist.  Contact Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC today to learn more about mediation services.

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