Win-Win Divorce Mediation Long Island – About Us

Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLCDBA Win-Win Divorce Mediation Long Island isn’t just a divorce mediators business name, it is our pledge to you. We are committed to make every divorce mediation client a winner with a fair and equitable Divorce Settlement that will stand the test of time and provide you a fresh start. We normally focus all of our divorce mediation energy serving our clients, so it is our hope this About Us page will help you get to know us a little better.

Realistically, there is nothing to fear about divorce mediation. Our clients say, the toughest part was actually making the decision to start the process together. After experiencing multiple perspectives of the divorce process and hearing horror stories involving litigation, we were convinced that there had to be a sane alternative to the taxing, traditional divorce. There was, and it was a unique process of collaborative co-mediation. In 2012, we both challenged ourselves to be part of this amazing solution.

Brad Berfas - Divorce Mediation Long Island

Bradley Berfas

Brad is a seasoned general attorney/mediator whose expertise includes negotiation and collaboration, interpersonal relations, and the art of effective listening. His experience also includes Matrimonial Law, client advocacy in moving violations, collections, and contracts. Brad’s distinguished career involved acting as Head Counsel for the esteemed NY State Assemblywoman Nettie Mayersohn in which he reviewed and helped draft key Human Rights legislation. He also serves as an Administrative Law Judge for the New York City Dept. of Finance. Past employers include the NBA and NBC Studios where he worked with dozens of professional athletes and celebrities.

Jeff Savitt - Divorce Mediation Long Island

Jeffrey Savitt

Jeffrey is a seasoned professional Divorce Mediator with an exceptional negotiation/ collaboration skill set who possesses a clinical and diagnostic background as a Medical Case Worker and an MSW degree. Jeff was a Sales and Marketing Manager in the Medical Device field and served as a Senior Medicare Liaison for United Health Group. He has a Master’s degree in Social Work and is a Certified Life Coach. In addition, we’ve both earned advanced certifications in Divorce Mediation from the Center for Family and Divorce Mediation, in Manhattan.