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Win-Win Divorce Solutions is one of the only Long Island divorce mediation firms that offers an impartial co-mediation experience with mediators who have training in both law and social work.

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Perhaps because it was populated long before Europeans ever landed on its shores, Long Island boasts a surfeit of myths and legends. The celebrated Fire Island lighthouse is supposedly haunted by the lighthouse keeper’s daughter, who died while awaiting medical attention. Some say her footsteps can be heard to this day. The Grumman Memorial Park in Calverton is a hotbed of supernatural activity, and some investigators claim it’s due to the extraterrestrial contributions to the company’s advances in aerospace technology. Visitors have reported stopped watches, compasses malfunctioning, cars and other machinery suddenly losing power, and side roads that appear and disappear. Some claim this is due to clandestine military and government tests, while others are convinced the area is home to a strong magnetic field or entrance to an alternate dimension. Another UFO crash allegedly occurred at Southhaven County Park. John Ford, who reported seeing the wreckage and alien escape pods, subsequently set out to assassinate three local officials in Suffolk County, who he believed were covering up the event. He was declared unfit to stand trial. Mount Misery is the name given to an area in West Hills from Sweet Hollow Road to Jericho Turnpike. When early settlers bought the land from Native Americans, they were warned that Mount Misery was the home of malicious entities. The Montauk Monster washed up dead on Ditch Plains Beach. It was never definitively identified, with some experts claiming it was a bloated raccoon, while others were convinced an experiment on the nearby Plum Island Animal Disease Center had gone awry. However, similar corpses have since washed up near the Brooklyn Bridge and on a Rockaway beach, and as far away as Ontario, Panama, and Spain. Could it be that an experiment off the shores of Long Island has migrated to other parts of the world?

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What is Divorce Mediation?

What is Divorce Mediation?

In Long Island divorce mediation, you and your spouse hire a neutral third party, called a divorce mediator, to meet with you in an effort to discuss and resolve the issues in your divorce.

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Benefit of Mediation vs. Litigation

Benefit of Mediation vs. Litigation

Most divorces are long, extensive & expensive. Divorce mediation Long Island by contrast, can reach a compromise in 6 – 8 sessions & for a fraction of a typical divorce.

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Why Choose Us to Mediate?

Why Choose Us to Mediate?

Win-Win Divorce Solutions is one of the only Long Island divorce mediation firms that offers an impartial co-mediation experience with mediators who have training in both law and social work.

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For your safety, our divorce mediation sessions are also able to be provided on  Zoom is an online digital video meeting, chat & virtual conference room software. It is very easy to use & is very much like meeting in person. You connect to the meetings from the comfort & safety of your own home or office.

Child Custody – Divorce Mediation

While custody is only one facet of mediation and is included in the mediation process, for many, it is a critical–if not the most critical–aspect of the agreement they’ll reach with the other parent.

A child custody dispute can ruin any couple’s best intentions toward an amicable divorce. This is an emotional situation that can easily end up locked in a vicious battle in the court system, where everything that is said becomes public record. This kind of court action is brutally expensive for both parents, and it can takes months or even years to come to a custody agreement. Worst of all, children will be involved in the process, forced to witness the animosity between their parents–and possibly even the messy details of the divorce–as they struggle to reach a custody arrangement.

Fortunately a divorcing couple has options when it comes to custody and visitation. Mediation may be the answer you’re looking for to work out child custody without a lengthy, expensive, and potentially ugly court battle.

Child custody mediation is superior to traditional divorce litigation in many ways.

Divorce Mediation Meeting
Divorce Mediation Family

Advantages of Child Custody Mediation

Interests of the Children

There’s no doubt about it–settling child custody disputes through mediation–instead of in family court–is in the best interests of any children involved.

Divorcing parents might not agree on much, but chances are, both parents want to spare the children from as much pain and embarrassment as possible–which can be difficult for couples who are not in agreement about child custody. If the battle is dragged into court, children will be subjected to a barrage of hostility from attorneys, bitterness between bickering parents, and involvement in issues that they should not be privy to–including very personal details of their parents’ lives. They’ll wait in limbo while parents try to reach an agreement, their sense of security and peace compromised.

In contrast, mediation sessions are private, with only the mediator and parents present. The process focuses on communication and compromise, with a third party always available to defuse anger issues. The mediation process allows parents to discuss a custody plan/parenting plan with the help of a highly trained mediator who doesn’t take sides. The mediator has one goal: a custody agreement that will benefit everyone as part of the overall mediation system. The mediator may even be able to propose solutions neither parent had considered. Resolving a custody case through mediation spares children from one of the worst parts of a divorce. It’s an important consideration for couples who are thinking about entering the mediation process.

Interests of Parents and Other Family Members

In a divorce, everyone justifiably worries about the children. But keep in mind that coming to a custody agreement through mediation can also be in the best interests of the parents. The couple may be splitting from each other, but with children involved, they’ll continue to have some sort of relationship for years to come. The mediation option means less bitterness when one parent sees the other at a school function, holiday party, or other event. No matter what led to the divorce, determining child custody with a mediator instead of through attorneys and family law can foster a more peaceful relationship in the coming years–which can grant peace of mind to both parents.

Parents can also avoid the extreme stress of a court battle through mediation. The mediator will listen objectively to both parties, and any attorney client relationship formed at the mediation firm will also involve each parent–rather than each hiring an attorney to fight against the other. Through mediation sessions, the couple will have access to the compassion and experience they need to come to a mutually beneficial custody arrangement.

This is a far less stressful process than traditional litigation, where each lawyer looks for ways to harm an opponent, parties are at each other’s throats, and clients are bombarded with attacks. Determining child custody through mediation is a much more cooperative approach, and it allows both parties to live and work without the custody dispute on their mind constantly.


Trying to reach an agreement on custody and visitation through attorneys and court is time-consuming. Parents work around the court’s schedule, not the other way around. This situation can lead to time away from jobs, a hardship that is amplified by the high cost of traditional divorce and the fees of divorce attorneys. The mediation process is different in that it respects work schedules. Child custody mediation is much more flexible than court, allowing parents to meet according to their schedule and come to an agreement on custody in their own time.

Cost Effective

Child custody mediation can save money. It’s generally much less expensive than attorneys and court costs, though participants still have access to an expert in family law, the same as any law firm client. While every case is different, child custody mediation often costs dramatically less than hiring a lawyer and determining custody through a court battle. This of course means more resources for children and money to plan for their future. Parents also have resources to put toward their goal of a new life beyond the divorce.


Child custody mediation is usually a quicker way to resolve issues than going to court. Again, every case is different, but custody mediation can lead to an agreement in as little as one or two months, freeing both parents and children to move on with their lives. Litigation in court can take many months or even years to resolve the matter of custody as part of the divorce proceedings. This is because a mediator may have solutions parents hadn’t considered, and the goal of the mediator is an arrangement beneficial to all parties–parents and children alike–and not victory for one of their clients.

Choosing a Long Island Divorce Mediation Firm

Finding the ideal Long Island divorce mediation company can seem overwhelming, exhausting, and stressful. What do separating couples need to know when choosing who is best to guide them through this difficult time? When looking for a divorce mediator, consider:

Effective Listening

Effective listening is the first step in a less adversarial divorce. Next comes effective mediation, another skill that is honed through training and experience. In our efforts to reach a solution that will satisfy you and your spouse, the expert mediators at Win-Win remain impartial. We don’t take sides when negotiating distribution of assets, finances, child custody, child support, and the many other issues facing a divorcing couple. Unlike divorce litigation, this is not a battle between two attorneys shouting it out in a courtroom. Mediation is a respectful process that takes everyone’s needs into consideration and formulates a solution that benefits all involved, including your children. It’s what makes divorce mediation on Long Island a much more peaceful process that traditional divorce litigation. It’s also more confidential, as it takes place in the privacy of our offices instead of open court.


There’s no way around it: when you and your spouse are facing decisions about child support, the family home, and the assets you share, you can’t afford to trust your future to anyone other than an expert. Not only does Win-Win boast family law attorneys who have worked in the highest and most respected roles in their fields, all with distinguished careers, we also proudly feature staff with backgrounds in psychology and social work with advanced degrees and stellar career records. This unique combination of experience allows us to provide mediation to our clients that is on a completely different level. For you and your spouse, that means a less stressful process and a faster start to your new lives.

We recommend you exhaust all other options before submitting to a lengthy and expensive court battle. Divorce mediation has been around for over forty years, and we have access to a vast amount of specialized knowledge that we can share to benefit everyone involved. We are some of the most experienced divorce mediators on Long Island, and we’re ready to put that experience to work for you and your spouse. We can save you stress and money through mediation and avoiding divorce litigation.

Legal Expertise

At Win-Win, compassion, impartiality, and understanding are key. We want you to be comfortable and for the process to be smooth. But that doesn’t negate the fact that you’ll have a team of expert attorneys with a thorough knowledge of the law and how it pertains to your situation behind you at all times. As you and your spouse discuss how to distribute your assets and debt, you need to understand the legal implications and your rights. Win-Win has you covered with experts in matrimonial law who are at the top of their field.

Emotional Support

No matter how long it’s been in coming, taking the step to begin the separation process is painful. We know that the future feels uncertain, and we understand the stress and fear that can cause. The team at Win-Win is trained to put these issues in perspective as we guide you through the process. We are skilled in helping you not only find a fast and equitable resolution, but in planning to move into your life beyond the divorce. Most of all, mediation aims to remove the greatest burdens of divorce from both partners, allowing them to focus on the next phase of their lives, unlike divorce litigation, which is a constant source of anxiety for you and your spouse. We’re ready to support your whole family in any way we can, and we have the knowledge and experience to put your minds at ease.

When choosing a divorce mediator, trust and building a relationship can be as important as legal advice. At Win-Win Divorce Mediation, we excel in both areas.

What Can Divorce or Family Law Mediators Achieve?

Residential Custody

Residential custody determines which parent the child will live with. Keep in mind that mediators are either attorneys or will have access to an attorney well versed in family law, so the agreement will be as formal as any drawn up at a law firm or as a result of court battles. A mediation session will be used to determine the residential custody arrangement. One parent may have sole custody of the child or children, which means the child or children live exclusively with that parent, and the other parent will have visitation based on a schedule suited to both parties. Shared custody means the child or children live with one party 50 percent of the time and the other party 50 percent of the time. At the mediation session, both parties agree to the terms of the custody plan, instead of it being determined by the court after a legal battle. It’s easy to see how a child will feel safer and more secure knowing where they will be living, and a mediator can help resolve these issues in timely manner, which will reduce anxiety and uncertainty for everyone involved.

Legal Custody

Legal custody refers to which parent has authority to make decisions regarding the child or children in matters such as health or medical issues, education, religious involvement, and so on. Making these decisions now can avoid future conflicts, which is always better for the children involved. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached, a mediator may be able to offer recommendations based on the information available to them and their experience with family law. As always, the purpose of mediation is to reach an agreement that will benefit everyone–each individual parent as well as the children–and keep everyone from a lengthy court battle and an outcome determined by court orders.

Parenting Plan

To maintain a healthy relationship even after divorce, visitation rules must be set, and this is another area where mediation can help. A mediator is a neutral third party who won’t take sides and who has everyone’s best interests at heart. The mediator will offer recommendations and provide information to help both of you make choices and come to an agreement. Mediation also involves access to a lawyer who can advise on your case and rights, if needed.

Divorce Mediation Success Agreement

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