The first thing couples think of when they are getting a divorce is, “What is going to happen to the kids?” The first step to figuring out custody is to research the divorce mediation services Long Island has to offer.  Mediation is a less stressful approach to settling divorces.  It saves both time and money and allows for couples to work with their mediator to find compromises.  When determining custody, there are different options available depending on both parties involved.  Here are some different custody options.

Sole Physical Custody

This is when the children reside with one parent.  Visitation is still allowed in many cases, but the children live at the residence of one parent. Just because sole physical custody is agreed on does not mean that one parent has sole legal custody. Both parents can still make decisions about the child’s well-being.  Legal decisions could involve schooling or medical care.  Sole physical custody is typically decided on if one parent travels a lot for work or if one parent is not able to handle physical custody due to conditions like substance abuse or illness.

Joint Physical Custody

With joint physical custody, the children divide their time between the parents.  This does not mean they spend 50% of the time at Mom’s house and 50% of the time at Dad’s house.  It could mean weekdays at Mom’s house and weekends at Dad’s house.  Another option could be weekdays at Dad’s house, and weekends, holidays, and summers at Mom’s house.  It is important during mediation to work out a schedule option that works best for the parents and children.

Sole Legal Custody

Oftentimes parents who decide on sole physical custody will still share legal custody.  With sole legal custody, this gives one parent full rights to making legal decisions for the children, while the other parent cannot weigh in at all.  The parent with sole legal custody can make decisions about things such as school, medical care, and religion without having to consult the other parent.

Joint Legal Custody

This is a popular option for divorced parents whether they pick joint physical custody or sole physical custody.  This gives both parents the option of weighing in on all legal decisions.  For example, if one parent wants to send the child to a private school, the other parent must agree because they share legal custody.

When getting divorced there are so many custody options available it can be confusing.  Rest assured because your mediator is here to help.  They have gone though many mediations and are very informed about all the custody options available.  When considering divorce mediation services Long Island & NYC has to offer, make sure to pick a mediator you trust to discuss child custody issues with. Win-Win Divorce Solutions, LLC is here to help you find a win-win solution for your children.  Contact us today to learn more about our mediation services.

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