Side by side comparison of Divorce Litigation vs. Divorce Mediation NYC

Divorce Court/Litigation

  • Start With a Large Retainer
  • Adversarial Court Battle
  • Fraught With Unleashed Emotions
  • Embarrassing Info Leveraged/Made Public
  • Many Court Dates and Lawyer Visits
  • Stressful to Extremely Stressful
  • Court Battles = Burned Bridges
  • Run Away Costs Common (it’s war)
  • Nonrefundable Attorney’s Retainers
  • A 50-50 Chance Win or Lose
  • Lawyers Are Experts in Law
  • Litigation is Focused on the Past
  • Exploratory Process
  • Confidence Lost or Gained
  • NYC Hourly Rates = $350 – $600 (+ retainer)
  • Completed in ? Office Visits/Court Dates
  • Win Rate: 50%
  • Final Cost $15,000 – $75,000+ in NYC (per person)

Divorce Mediation NYC

  • No Huge Upfront Retainer
  • Friendly, Humanistic, Healing and Civilized
  • Calm and Rational
  • Zero Loss of Privacy
  • Zero Lost Wages/Work (Flexible Schedules)
  • Stressless to Far Less Stressful
  • Compromises = Agreement & Peace
  • Affordable – Less than 1/3rd the Cost on Average
  • Pay as You Go = No Financial Risk
  • Win-Win Outcome = Peace and Harmony
  • Mediators Are Experts in Settlements
  • Family Planning/Focused on Future
  • Efficient Process Built Around Settling
  • Builds Your Confidence
  • NYC Hourly Rates Average $350
  • Completed in Only 6 – 8 visits
  • Win Rate: 90% (Some clients not suited)
  • Final Cost $5000 – $8,500 in NYC Area (for both)

Divorce Mediation will not work for everyone, nor will it work in every situation. Therefore, all clients go through an initial screening process where we verify that both parties are likely to end up with a successful outcome. Call (855) Both-Win for a free 30-minute initial consultation today.


Mediation is a voluntary process. This voluntary procedure depends on the development of trust from increasing openness and risk-taking. As a result, everyone involved in mediation, and the mediation process itself, needs the protection offered by complete confidentiality. All communication between the parties and the mediator(s) with a view toward settlement will be excluded from court proceedings. In addition, any information gathered during the mediation process or any statements disclosed during sessions will not be shared with any third party.


No retainer is needed, begin by simply scheduling your first appointment, which is a 30-minute free initial consultation. During this initial session we do routine screening to search for possible red flags, so we can focus on clients that are most likely to succeed. Clients pay one affordable hourly rate of $350 for our time on their behalf at the close of each mediation session. The final steps will include a divorce settlement preparation fee, final review fee and a filing fee to have the family court judge approve your divorce settlement. All agreements must comply with federal, state and local laws.Our Confidentiality Agreement and our General Policies will be reviewed and signed by all parties prior to the start of our first session. As Divorce Mediators, we remain neutral throughout the process. Most clients come to agreement within 8-10 divorce mediation sessions. We do everything possible to be thorough and simultaneously expedite the process. We ask that you both make a good-faith effort to set up firm appointments, so we can serve you better. All cancellations require a 24-hour notice to avoid a cancellation fee for no shows.

Realistically, our success and yours depends on your honest answers/info, a willingness to compromise and the ability to make final concessions to reach a fair settlement. There are no surprises with our fees. Everything is disclosed to you here in advance (see above info for our typical fees).


We highly recommend full disclosure of all financial assets, real property and income here and abroad. This is the information age and discovery of hidden assets, offshore assets and holding companies is now routine. That said, we are not private investigators, but the other party might hire one if there is cause for concern. Remember, the whole idea of divorce mediation is to save you time, stress, worry and money, while promoting peace and harmony going forward.