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Divorce Property Settlement can come with many emotions including sadness, frustration, anger, and anxiety. Suddenly, couples are thinking about custody of the children, dividing assets, and life post-marriage. Therefore. going through the divorce litigation process can be expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. However, you can avoid the hassle of court dates and expensive lawyer fees by going the mediation route. If you are ready to settle your divorce once and for all, here are a few reasons why divorce mediation Long Island may be for you.

Settle Your Divorce at Your Own Pace

Using a mediation service allows much more flexibility than the litigation route. When going through the court system, you are given specific court dates and mandatory appointments. Furthermore, this can be hard for those who are busy with their work and kids.  Mediation is very flexible based on the couple’s schedule. Many couples will even agree to meet on their lunch breaks to avoid having to take time off from work. While couples are encouraged to meet with their mediator weekly, the Divorce Property Settlement service allows flexibility for things that may pop up like travel or illness. 

Settle Without Outrageous Fees

One of the hardest parts about getting a divorce is the financial burden it can place on the couple as they attempt to pay for various litigation fees. This is because litigation can cost $10,000-$40,000 per person. In addition, lawyer fees can be $375-$500 per hour. Divorce is stressful enough without having to dip into savings or take out loans to pay for the settlement. However, Mediation services provide couples with a more reasonably priced option. With the total cost per couple being less than $10,000 and fees per session being less than $500, couples can save thousands of dollars settling through mediation.  

Settle in a Timely Fashion

Divorce is a stressful time for families. Why prolong the stress and frustration through extensive litigation? The route of litigation can take 1-3 years depending on the case.  Litigation leads to more time and money spent by couples who are just ready to settle their divorce. With mediation, however, couples can reach agreement in just 6-8 sessions over two months. Saving time and money is a win-win situation for both parties.  If you are ready to settle your divorce, it is important that you are knowledgeable about all of your options. Consider the win-win option of the divorce mediation Long Island has to offer. Eliminate the stress, financial burden, and time that are typically associated with the divorce process by getting mediation services at Win-Win Divorce Solutions. At Win-Win, we want to make your divorce process as smooth and simple as possible. If you are ready to settle your divorce, contact Win-Win Divorce Solutions today to explore mediation options.

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