Business Hours?

Monday to Friday 8 am to 7 pm. Although we are flexible enough to serve you as needed.

Where will we be meeting?

At our convenient Midtown Manhattan and Long Island, NY offices.

Can you serve clients who work in NYC or New York but live in CT or NJ?

Yes. This is the case for many of our clients. We often meet with clients during their lunch hours, which makes the process much easier for them.

How do we know we are likely to succeed with Divorce Mediation?

We screen our clients during the first meeting, which is a free 30 minute consultation. If there are significant warning signs we will refer you to the appropriate resource.

Isn’t there a good reason most people use Family Court and Divorce Lawyers?

Actually, the only reason we can think of in most cases is being unaware of Divorce Mediation/Divorce Mediators entirely. Please see our Info page for a thorough and factual comparison of your divorce settlement options.

Will my privacy be 100% assured?

Absolutely yes, we have several safeguards in place including nondisclosure agreements. Thus you are fully covered.

What if we both want full custody of the children?

We recommend exhausting all other options before submitting to a lengthy and expensive court battle. As Divorce Mediators, we have the ability to suggest all sorts of reasonable custody plans that you might not have thought about. Remember, Divorce Mediation has been around for more than 40 years, so we have access to a vast amount of specialized knowledge that we all share and benefit from.

What downside risks are we exposed to?

None that we are aware of.

How many visits does it take to reach a settlement on average?

From our experience, 6 to 8 visits

Are there any surprise costs that might come up?

Unlikely, we screen for issues and challenges ahead of time. Please see our Info page for more details on this.

What is your success rate on divorce settlements?

From our experience, 90%. Few couples are actually unable to settle. Failures do happen because some people have financial challenges, resolve their differences and remain married and some have delays because of work, business travel or ill health. However, they can pick up where they left off anytime.

What is the challenge most need to overcome to settle?

At Win-Win Divorce Solutions LLC, our credo is “Apply the 3 C’s “. Compromise, Commitment, and Courage are the three necessities for a successful settlement.

Do I have to sign any financial commitment contracts to start the process?

No. This is a pay as you go process. The clean slate and second chance at happiness is all the motivation most people need to finish the process. Divorce Lawyers on the other hand require a substantial retainer to take on your case.

Will our children still be able to go to college as planned?

Family planning to assure your children’s needs are met is an essential part of our divorce mediation service. Each and every case is different of course, but forward thinking is one of our strengths.

What if we need to take a week off for sickness, vacation, etc..?

We generally like to maintain a weekly consistency as experience has shown us that this helps the process move much more quickly to resolution. Of course, there are unavoidable life events and we will simply resume our meeting the following week.