What is Divorce Mediation?

In Long Island divorce mediation, you and your spouse hire a neutral third party, called a divorce mediator, to meet with you in an effort to discuss and resolve the issues in your divorce.

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Benefit of Mediation vs. Litigation

Most divorces are long, extensive & expensive. Divorce mediation Long Island by contrast, can reach a compromise in 6 – 8 sessions & for a fraction of a typical divorce.

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Why Choose Us to Mediate?

Win-Win Divorce Solutions is one of the only Long Island divorce mediation firms that offers an impartial co-mediation experience with mediators who have training in both law and social work.

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For your safety, our divorce mediation sessions are also able to be provided on https://zoom.us.  Zoom is an online digital video meeting, chat & virtual conference room software. It is very easy to use & is very much like meeting in person. You connect to the meetings from the comfort & safety of your own home or office.

Long Island Divorce Mediation Help

If you and your spouse have made the difficult decision to get a divorce, we can help make the process easier, as well as much less of a financial burden for you both. Our mediation services will help you begin to separate in the most amicable way, greatly reducing the financial stress of divorce litigation so you can begin your separate lives as soon as possible. Divorce is never easy for anyone. Finding an amicable divorce resolution will make this choice easier for both of you, better for children involved and will begin a mutually amicable path towards your newly transitioned life. Divorce mediation Long Island is a choice that can make this difficult time much less painful for everyone involved. The alternative to working together through Long Island divorce mediation is a long, drawn-out litigation, which creates stress and fear.  Divorce litigation typically involve feuding attorneys, incredibly expense attorney fees for both sides, and can take years to reach a conclusion.  Trials are done in public court rooms and court records are made public, which is really something you would be wise to avoid. With divorce mediation offices in Hauppauge Suffolk County Long Island, Lake Success Nassau County Long Island & New York, NY we are able to meet closer to you.


In contrast to work with an expensive divorce lawyer, our Long Island divorce mediation services are far less expensive, respect both sides towards resolution, are done privately in full confidentiality and are much less stressful. Our expert divorce mediators are here to help you both get through this difficult time. You will find Win-Win Divorce Solutions to be highly professional, less stressful and far less costly while helping you reach a negotiated, divorce resolution. Our success rate of over 95%, numerous referrals from friends and family and our 5-star Yelp and Google reviews cement us as the go-to divorce mediators in Nassau County and Suffolk County Long Island as well NYC.

Top Long Island Divorce Mediators Who Give You More

Finding the best Long Island divorce mediation company can seem overwhelming, exhausting & stressful. Few divorce mediators can successfully offer the combination of knowledge, support, understanding and the art of effective listening. Win-Win Divorce Solutions brings the art of effective mediation, negotiation, interpersonal relations, matrimonial law and advanced certifications to a whole new level and synthesizes it into the most rewarding divorce mediation experience for our clients.  Our experience as the premier Long Island divorce mediation service, combines our trained divorce mediation expertise with our conflict resolution finesse, offering an unmatched experience in negotiating the distribution of assets, finances and child custody. Unlike Long Island divorce lawyers, Win-Win Divorce Solutions provides invaluable emotional and psychological support for the parenting and family issues you both face throughout the divorce mediation process.  We’ll help you find the best solution for your circumstances while giving you the compassion and guidance you need to move forward through your divorce mediation.

Emotions are an integral part of every divorce. With so many life changes happening during the divorce mediation Long Island process, mediation can be a really tough time for both partners. The mediators at Win-Win Divorce Solutions are experts at reading a partner’s feelings and knowing when pressure to help make decisions about certain issues is good guidance and when to hold back in order to maintain emotional calm and appropriate communication.

The expertise Win-Win Divorce Solutions provides as mediators understands the fear, anger & resentment you & your spouse are feeling. Our mediators seek to help you both not only find resolution in your divorce, but also begin to focus on the new lives ahead of you both. Our mediators will help you both focus less on the emotional aspects of your divorce, while bringing mutual attention towards a fair & equitable separation. The sooner this focus can be shifted towards both of your futures, the process becomes much easier than you think. We help you put future responsibilities like child custody, in proper perspective, bringing fair attention to work schedules, school schedules, commute times for everyone involved including your children.

Understanding Divorce Mediation on Long Island

When couples reach the decision of working through a divorce mediation, a neutral 3rd party meets with both sides to work towards an amicable resolution together. The mediation process is guided by professional divorce mediators, which both sides agree upon. Realistic agreements are discussed, worked through & ultimately achieved in the matters of equitable distribution, distribution of assets, ownership of property, child support, child custody and visitation, parenting schedules, and other related issues between the spouses. Divorce mediation can reach a resolution in weeks, unlike divorce litigation that can go on for years. Mediation can resolve all these issues for a fraction of the cost, compared to an expensive drawn-out litigation in a court room.

Divorce Mediation Long Island

Divorce Mediation Advantages

At Win-Win Divorce Solutions, our unique talents allow us to create a divorce mediation environment that is a cut-above our competition. Our co-mediation approach provides our clients with a dual-perspective on their individualized situation, often helping them reach better and happier outcomes. Our goal is to establish a productive and less-stressful climate to help you come to an agreement quickly!

No Huge Upfront Retainer

Simply pay as you go, unlike divorce attorneys who require large up front retainers.

Typically Completed in 6 - 8 Sessions

We have success rate of over 90% and most of our divorce mediations are completed in 6 – 8 meetings.

Complete Confidentiality

Private information is not released / exposed in order to gain leverage in divorce proceedings.

Female Divorce Meditator

Zero Lost Time from Work (Flexible Scheduling)

We are fully able to work around busy work schedules & can arrange meeting times accordingly.

Mediators Are Experts in Settlements

Our mediators have training in BOTH law & social work.

Affordable – Less than 1/3rd the Cost on Average

Divorce mediation typically removes over 2/3 the cost of a typical divorce settlement.


When you select us as your mediators, we meet for an initial 30 minute free consultation, where we explain to both parties, the Husband and Wife in our office and or virtually, the advantages of Mediation and how we cover all issues during our sessions, culminating in the Settlement Agreement, the signing and initialing of such by the parties, followed by us filing the papers in court on your behalf.  After the initial free consult, we offer you a reduced rate to start the process immediately over the next half hour.   We then arrange to meet with you subsequently within a week to 10 days to keep the flow of the mediation process intact.   The process itself is divided into 6 sections as shown below.

We go session to session during which we address all issues in a systematic manner in a 3-pronged approach; from custody, to finances and concluding with equitable distribution, which means division of property.  The sessions usually last approximately 1 hour, at which time the dynamic team of an attorney and social worker are there to navigate you through the process, not representing either side, but guiding you to facilitate an amicable agreement that benefits both parties representing both your interests.  On average there are approximately 4-6 sessions, including the Review Session, which is addressed below.  During the initial stage of custody we first undertake residential custody, which is where the child(ren) will be primarily residing, unless the children will be living 50% with one parent and 50% with the other, which is then known as shared custody. We then tackle legal custody, which is decision making that both parents will engage in, regardless who has primary custody, to decide what is best for their child(ren), which includes; medical, educational, religious components, as well as extra – curricular activities.  Additionally, during this juncture, we calculate child support based on finances and the percentages by law depending on the number of children the parties have and address a visitation schedule during the week, as well as on weekends, including holidays. Once we complete all issues relating to custody, we then move on to the next section, which are finances, including maintenance, the breakdown of the marital home, whether the house will be sold and proceeds split and/or if one remains and has to buy the other one out. Moreover, we discuss pensions/retirement benefits, 401k’s, 403b’s and the like during this time as well. The last and final section relates to equitable distribution in the home and/or any items accumulated during the marriage, such as the couch, beds, silverware and so on.  We make the parties aware that via mediation, we emphasize the importance of compromise and the efficiency of the process, which is done in a much quicker manner than via litigation, not to mention less stressful and less financially burdensome.


Financial Divorce Mediation Long Island

Asset Divorce Mediation Long Island
Asset Divorce Mediation Long Island

Upon completion of all sessions, a Settlement Agreement, which is the document that will eventually be submitted to the court, is crafted by the attorney.  The agreement is comprised of what was discussed during the sessions, in addition to content from phone calls, emails/ texts and follow up conversations outside of the sessions, and boiler plate material which is included in all of our Agreements and required by the courts.

After the Agreement is drawn-up, we arrange a review session where we thoroughly review your agreement.  At this point in time it is considered a “Rough Draft” as we scrutinize it section by section and address any concerns and or questions you may have.  You are free to take any notes and or make any markings during the review and we then provide you approximately 7-10 days to appraise the Agreement and get back to us with any edits, which is done via email and/or phone. After the changes are made, we then set up a date for the Final Agreement to be signed.

Once both parties agree that the Agreement is ready to be signed, the Divorce Packet is prepared by us, which involves additional paperwork and documents the court requires,  and includes minutia such as social security numbers, health insurance ID’s and dates of birth and a consolidated way to express what was stated in the Agreement.

Divorce Mediation Long Island Signed Divorce Papers

Amicable Divorce Mediation Long Island Handshake

Once both parties agree that the Agreement is ready to be signed, the Divorce Packet is prepared by us, which involves additional paperwork and documents the court requires,  and includes minutia such as social security numbers, health insurance ID’s and dates of birth and a consolidated way to express what was stated in the Agreement.

We then have a final meeting with you where you will sign and initial BOTH the Settlement Agreement and the Divorce Packet.

Shortly thereafter, from a mediator role, we will file the papers in court on your behalf, enabling you to not have to appear in any capacity in a court setting.  Depending on the county where the documents are filed, it can take approximately 4-6 months until a Judge signs off on your papers and you are officially divorced.

How Divorce Mediation Works

How Divorce Mediation on Long Island Works


With offices Nassau County Long Island & Suffolk County Long Island, in an average of 6 to 8 sessions, you will have the opportunity to come to a workable compromise that benefits everyone involved. As experienced mediators, we will provide a supportive and knowledgeable environment to facilitate a successful divorce mediation outcome. We’ll assist you every step of the way until a peaceful and satisfying resolution is reached, conveniently file your paperwork and help you get divorced quickly.



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Our Divorce Mediation Services Offers The Following Benefits



  • Guidance and assistance to ensure an amicable and agreeable divorce settlement
  • An easier and more streamlined method of settling financial matters without disputes
  • Enhanced focus on the well being of the children with an approved parenting plan
  • Increased focus on planning ahead for the future to best meet your personal goals
  • A mutually beneficial familial settlement arrangement



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Divorce Agreement

No Advanced Fees Required

By opting to work with a divorce mediator, you not only avoid the hassle of a drawn out divorce, you also save significantly. With Win-Win Divorce Solutions, our clients pay only a fraction of the cost of a traditional, litigated divorce in the Family Court System. There are no advanced fees or retainers. As a more affordable, convenient, and simplified alternative, our service is one of the most ideal solutions available.

Additionally, Win-Win Divorce Solutions is one of the only firms in NYC that offers an impartial co-mediation experience with mediators who have training in both law and social work. Our objective is to help you get through every step of this complex and emotionally challenging process with ease. We want you to have a successful outcome and we are truly committed to ensuring your experience with us is nothing short of outstanding.

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