In a Mediation Process: What is a Mediator?

what is a mediator

Many people are still not aware that there are ways to eliminating obstacles in the divorce process without having to go through a complicated and costly traditional litigation process. Here is when a mediator comes in. Though many people have heard of the word mediator, they still don’t fully understand the mediator role in dispute resolution. In New York, a Divorce Mediation Attorney is neither a judge nor do they push through one of the parties’ agenda. Instead, they seek common ground between parties, without ill will, by helping both sides better understand the other side. They consider all the possibilities and consequences if a settlement is not forthcoming.

What Are The Advantages of Going Through Divorce Mediation?

The divorce process can be stressful and complicated. Moreover, the cost of divorce litigation can be prohibitive for many families. Divorce mediation is comparatively more affordable than traditional divorce litigation. The cost difference between divorce mediation vs litigation is huge. $5,000 to $8,000 is how much does divorce mediation cost can be. What is litigation costs? Litigation costs can reach up to $75,000 per person. Moreover, disputes can be settled in good faith by engaging in conflict resolution early in the process. Best of all, divorce mediation is an efficient way to avoid conflicts and reduce the stress of divorce.

Regardless of the mediators couples select, mediators practice utmost confidentiality in all the details of the negotiations. Unlike the judge, mediators have a better understanding of the families involved because the rigid confines of the court do not restrict them. The atmosphere around mediation is more amenable to creative suggestions from both parties that would often lead to a tailored solution to address their unique needs.

Who Are Qualified to Be a Mediator in New York?

Unlike a legal counsel or an attorney, a divorce mediator doesn’t need to hold a license to practice divorce mediation. Though many divorce attorneys practice being mediators, many practitioners are non-lawyers who are experts in family and community relations, such as family counselors and psychotherapists.

Is the Mediation Process Voluntary?

The mediation process is usually voluntary. Once both parties engage in divorce mediation, it shows that they allow reason to take precedence while showing no ill will. Each case is unique, and each party will seek concessions during the divorce process. However, unlike a judge, a neutral mediator does not favor either of the two parties until they draft a mutually beneficial agreement. However, in some cases, a judge might order spouses to participate in mediation to help in the divorce process.

What Are Different Types of Mediators?

Spouses have different options in selecting mediators. A court-connected mediator could be available if the judge orders spouses to participate in mediation. New York also offers low-cost mediation options, such as through a local Community Dispute Resolution Center or volunteers. Specialists are also available as an option. These private mediators have the qualifications and experience to deal with conflict resolution in divorce cases.

How Long Does The Mediation Process Take?

The average mediation process can take 2 to 6 months. Each case is unique, and settling more complicated cases may take 6 to 8 mediation sessions. However, less complex mediations may only take two sessions to resolve.

Does a Spouse Compel to Agree in Mediation?

A spouse is not bound by law to comply with anything during mediation. However, should this happen, the spouses will need a judge to make decisions to resolve issues after a comparatively lengthy and costly litigation process.

Takeaways: Divorce Mediation in Long Island Avoids Complications of Costly Litigation

If you want to make the divorce process more efficient, affordable, and less stressful, choose a highly qualified divorce mediator to help resolve conflicts. Win-win Divorce Solutions have decades of experience in presiding over mediations calmly and rationally. We always have your family’s future in mind, and we constantly seek a friendly, humanistic, healing, and civilized way of conducting our mediation services. To know more about our mediation services in Long Island, call us at (855) 268-4946 (Hauppauge), or (516) 960-7667 (Lake Success). You may also avail of a free session by booking through the contact form on this page: Divorce Mediation .vs Divorce Litigation

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